Frank’s Blog : It’s up to you

It’s up to you to care for someone enough to tell them the truth that might change their life, to care enough to use your heart instead of your head (in most decisions), to tell your boss, here I did this, and it might work or not. And if it does, it’s your win and if it doesn’t, it’s my responsibility.

It’s up to you to know today is the day, or not. It’s up to you!

Frank’s Blog : Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps

Baby Step 1 : Save $1000 ( beginner starter emergency fund)

Baby Step 2 : Pay off all your non-mortgage debt using the debt snowball ( starting from lowest to highest regardless of interest rates)

Baby Step 3 : Save 3 to 6 months of your household expenses in a simple money market account

Baby Step 4 : Start investing 15% of your income in growth stock mutual funds

Baby Step 5 : Start investing for kids college (ESA or 529 )

Baby Step 6 : Pay off your house early

Baby Step 7 : Invest and give money outrageously

Frank’s Blog : Embrace being uncomfortable

A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.

And the reason why is, you get to be successful because you enjoy being uncomfortable. That’s how we grow!

When you save money instead of buying a new car you can’t afford, when a baby learns to walk and falls every second, when you wake up early and work out instead of sleeping in, …

That’s how we grow, that’s how we get to success.

By being uncomfortable.

Frank’s Blog : Who you hang around with

You are the average of the five people you associate with most, so do not underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, unambitious, or disorganized friends. If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making you weaker.

Frank’s Blog : To the new year

New year, new month. What a way to start with a clean slate, forgive yourself for all your shortcomings, let’s go on a journey where we do what we’ve always wanted. Let’s go make promises and keep them, let’s go tell stories and only the ones that spread, let’s not try to fit in, let’s actually go the other way.

Let’s go the way of saying thank you, giving compliments when they are due, keeping your mouth shut when you have to, speaking up when you disagree, asking questions, arguing with a purpose to learn, starting something because it might not work.

Let’s play a different game. Instead of wishing to make more money, let’s help people get what they want, instead of looking for more views or followers, let’s find a small audience and delight those people. Let’s change lives through the work we do, how we do it and the way we conduct ourselves.

Let’s make people miss us when we are gone.

Share this ( or not) to a friend. After all it’s up to you if you get anything from here.

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