Frank’s Blog : What to do when you feel like giving up.

Successful people know that the time you feel like you can’t keep going, that this is it. You don’t have energy anymore, you don’t like what you re doing anymore because it drains energy out of you, you can’t say I love you to your wife or kids anymore; that’s when you push harder and you do it anyways. And success is really around the corner.

Frank’s Blog : Pre-martial Counseling

Me and my fiancée went to pre-martial counseling today, and it was eye opening. She had some concerns I never knew she had and I was able to look at our relationship from her perspective.

Woow it’s worth the time and the money. And I think we are going to be doing counseling at least once a year, not because there is something wrong with the relationship but because we want to get better as a couple.

Frank’s Blog : Don’t Chase Money

Money will only solve money problems.

Of course it’s nice to have money and to be able to take care of your family and help people. But we have to make sure we don’t spend most of our time looking for money.

The less important things in life cost money and the most important things in life were given to us for free ( family, friends, love, peace of mind, …)

So let’s all make sure we spend time with the most important things.

Frank’s Blog : Don’t use the word “But” again!

It lets us hide. It’s a way of getting ourselves off the hook.

I want to go to the gym but it’s raining.

I want to go to the gym and it’s raining. So I’m going anyway.


I have a business idea but I don’t have any money to start.

I have a business idea and I don’t have any money. So I’m going to start it anyway.

Try to replace “but” with “and”.

It’s a game changer.

Frank’s Blog : Want to change ? Commit 4 days a week.

I loved this post from Sacha. He says if we want real change, all we need is to commit 4 days a week and I totally agree with him. Here is how he says it :

Four days a week is what we need to commit to something if we really want to grow.

Twice a week is enough for maintenance.

Three days a week is enough for improvement.

But four days a week creates transformative change.

It doesn’t matter what sort growth you’re working on–you might want to improve your sales, singing, soccer, swimming, saxophone or salsa dancing. Perhaps you’re working on tambourine, thoughtfulness, tact, tenacity, tap dancing or Telugu.

Give it four days a week and change will happen.

Also, while it goes without saying that 0 times a week gets you nowhere, be especially wary of once a week—it may be the most dangerous cadence of all if we care about improvement. At once a week, we feel like we’re doing something regularly, but we never change. It’s perfect fodder for the “I’ll never be good at this” story we like to tell ourselves.

We will be good at this, one day.

And 4 is the magic number to get us there.

Frank’s Blog : Turn Tables

Most issues, problems, fears can be solved by just switching places with the people you want to do it for. How would I want to be treated if I was in their place ? And go do that.

If I want a raise, I will ask myself what would I want if I was the boss ? I would want someone with high integrity, who is competent, knows there stuff, not snobby and respectful.

If I am a manager, I will ask myself what would I want if I was one of these people I lead ? I would want someone who cares, who cares enough to ask me how are you and mean it, who cares enough to know that family comes first before everything, who cares enough to know that my child is sick, or my dad just had cancer, or I just had a baby, …

Just turn tables!

Frank’s Blog : Happy Independence Day to Rwanda

Today marks 57 years that my motherland was granted independence. We celebrate today to recognize those who sacrificed everything so that Us, the future generation have the opportunities we have.

Well, I figured it’s better late than never to say Thank you to each and everyone who was involved at that time to have this wonderful day as the day we were on our own and had a country we proud to call ours.

Happy Independence Day to you all fellow Rwandans!

Frank’s Blog : At all cost.

I think this is a bad a way of going at things in business. Maybe if there is a child in a burning building, saving her at all cost makes sense. Yes, a doctor should do her best at saving someone’s life.

But should you want a promotion at all cost? Should you want to succeed in business at all cost?

I think anyone who says ” at all cost ” is playing a finite game. And playing finite games is not the best way of winning long term.

Frank’s Blog : Running vs Jogging.

In this culture of I want it and I want it now, it’s easy to mistaken what we want and getting them. Just because you have goals doesn’t mean you will achieve them!

It’s in the small daily task, achievements that defines where you re going.

I would rather jog for 10 min everyday, than run 30 min once a week.

Frank’s Blog : Getting feedback.

Most people struggle with getting negative feedback. What if we started asking the person giving you the feedback, how you took it? Instead of arguing or staying in your head, how about you ask a simple question:

Thank you for this feedback. How do you think I took it ?