Frank’s Blog : An Optimistic leader

Marcus Buckingham said this in his recent talk at Entreleadership event : any body who leads well is an optimist. They genuinely believe things will get better. And the problem is some leaders are pessimists, and the thing is, pessimists are right way more often than optimists are. But for goodness sake if you are a pessimist don’t lead.

Things will get hard, and people only follow you because you believe things can and will get better, that’s the only reason people follow you, and we love that about you and we want that from you.

Frank’s Blog : Follow your passion is an illusion!

Developing your passion is way more better than following your passion. Because when you try to follow your passion, you’re less likely to consider other areas of interest, and less likely to anticipate difficulties. And if you ran into obstacles, you ‘re more likely to loose interest and give up. Following your passion reflexes a fixed mindset, it assumes your interest are stable.

This applies to your everyday job: you don’t want to quit your job as soon you don’t like it,  or because something is going wrong. Passion can grow over time. Actually I will encourage you to quit on a good day!

Frank’s Blog : Paying off Debt

I have been on this debt free journey and it’s been quite amazing. I dedicated myself to pay off all my debts before the end of 2019. I found this guy called Dave Ramsey and his principles and guidance on getting out of debt are on point. He has this thing called Baby Steps ( which I’m doing and happy to say that I’m on Baby Step 2):

1. Baby Step 1 : Save $1000 as a starter emergency fund

2. Baby Step 2 : Pay off all non mortgage debts using the debt snowball

3. Baby Step 3 : Fully fund your emergency fund ( 3 to 6 month of expenses )

4. Baby Step 4 : 15% of household income to retirement

5. Baby Step 5 : Fund college for kids

6. Baby Step 6 : Pay off your mortgage early

7. Baby Step 7 : Build wealth and give generously

Frank’s Blog : Stress free life

It’s been almost 2 months that I haven’t used my phone. Well it got stolen when I was at a bank, but if I could find the person who stole it, to thank him.

It’s been the best 2 months ever, simply because I am using a flip phone, which means no apps on my phone. Just calling and texting is the only thing I can do, and it’s amazing because I only get calls and text massages from people who really care about me ( family & friends ) , and I don’t spend as much time as I would have, going through all the social media apps I had.

You’re more than welcome to try it. Do it for 7 days and let me know what you think and how it was!

Frank’s Blog : Happy Holiday Season

Since we are in the thanksgiving time, I thought it would be better to write about how grateful I am of my family, my son and mostly my wife Valérie ( seriously I don’t know where I would be without her). I’m grateful for God’s grace, after all I’m still here because God gave me a purpose to fulfill before my time is over. And I’m also thankful of you for your time and for being a follower, and I’m wishing each and everyone of you to have a happy holiday season. God bless!

Frank’s Blog : An other car emergency

2 weeks ago I took my car to the mechanic shop because the brake light came on and I knew my car had some brake problems before then but didn’t have the money to fix it right away.

So I called the mechanic, set up an appointment and good thing they didn’t have any time for me till couple days later. I told them I was fine with it, as long as my car gets fixed. I got there and realized I didn’t have an other car to drive while my car was in the shop. Asked the mechanic if there is anyway they can help out, he said ” nah, we can’t afford to have cars laying around waiting on people like you!”

Then I called my insurance, same thing. They said they only cover me and my car in an emergency, well or so I thought; it’s only during a car accident.

Now am wondering how are people like us supposed to get our cars fixed?

Frank’s Blog : Be aware

I keep asking myself why we do what we do! Why we live the way we live! Because I believe everyone is trying to live a better life.

Now the only thing I can think of is we are living the way we are because we are not aware of living any other way. A person earning $40,000 is only doing so because he/she is not aware of earning $400,000. Because why earn less or do less or be less if you can earn more or do more or be more ?!

Frank’s Blog : Why?!

We all at some point in our life ask this question! Most of the time it crosses us when something bad happens, like why me? Why this time?…….

But what if we all instead of asking why, why not! Because this way we can grow from whatever it is we are going through. Whether good or bad.

Why not me? Why not this time?……..

THIS, is the new way of living!