Frank’s Blog : It’s not about the destination.

People always talk about how hard life is, really? life is hard?

Life is hard for people trying to live a perfect life, thinking they are failures if they don’t get that job, or buy that nice house they have always wanted, …

Life is hard for people born in that part of the world. They live in poor and hard conditions and surprisingly some of them never complain about where they are. They go about the business of enjoying where they are and trying to better themselves.

If you look at this video, clearly these kids don’t live in a great area, where their parents got everything figured out. It’s most likely they only eat one meal a day, and I say this because I have met kids like this.

It is less likely to stress about life if you view it as a blessing. Be grateful that you got an other chance to leave something behind, an other chance to go out and move some rocks, inspire someone, help someone in need,…

LL : Make sure you give it all you got. It is not about the destination, it’s more about the journey!

Frank’s Blog : On being a great father!

Last night, I was watching Shameless. In the last Episode of Season 9, one guy named Lip was scared because he was getting ready to be a father and he asked his Buddy, Kevin, ” how do you be a great father ?” Kevin said : It’s hard for them to turn out bad, if you just love them.

This made me take a second. As a father of a 15 months’ old, I’m not an expert on the subject nor am I a great father, but  if you love them;

enough to care about them!

enough to help them find the right path!

enough to be there when they need you!

enough to help them solve interesting problems!

enough to help them maximize their potential!

I believe every parent out there wants what’s best for their child and Kudos to everyone who’s doing everything they can to be there and love them!

LL : Great parenting is more about knowing when to let go and when to hold on!

Frank’s Blog : Married!

Val and Frank


Last week, Friday the 27th, it was a big day for us. Me and Val, did it. We got married.

It was a beautiful, rainy day. It was just the two of us and our son, Evaan, who was making sure he misplaced every thing from where we had put them.

It was a big joyful day for us and we wanted to thank everyone who wished us a great and happy Marriage.

Cheers to a new start!


Frank’s Blog : Goal setting.

Some people don’t set goals because they don’t know how.

Most people don’t set goals because they are afraid.

Afraid that they might not reach them, it’s to far out, they don’t want to limit/discipline themselves.

LL: People who aim at nothing, hit it all the time.

Frank’s Blog : Why did you choose those goals?

I set goals all the time. I have new year resolution, birthday resolution , new month resolution,…

I thought goals was about new beginnings, and the funny thins is I always feel good about myself not because I’m following or doing what’s taking me towards my goals but just having goals feels like I hit the jackpot. I walk and talk differently and if you asked me I would tell you, I have goals.

LL: It’s more about why you chose those goals, than choosing them.

Frank’s Blog : It’s later than you think!

From a learning a day blog post.

Dr Jessica Brandes and J R Storment were parents of an 8 year old boy who passed away 3 weeks ago. They both penned beautiful posts this week about this very painful experience.

In “All that remains,” Dr Brandes wrote about the fragility of life and pushes us to take the time to spend time with those we love.

And, in “It’s later than you think,” Storment reflected on his regrets and reminds us to be very intentional in how we prioritize our time.

I hope you take the time to read it.

Reminders of the fragility of this life are a gift. And, I’m grateful to Jessica Brandes and J R Storment for sharing their notes with us.

Frank’s Blog : Last Week working together!

Haley. A wonderful person. we both work for an audit team for Zimmer Biomet, an orthopedic company based in Warsaw IN. She is my team leader, very caring and energetic.

Sunday morning, we rode together, on our way to work, she told me this is her last audit. She got a better position at an other company. I’m telling you all this because I have only been on the audit team for only 4 weeks and I haven’t walked the courage to tell her how wonderful she is and how great she is going to do at the new company.

Haley, if you read this know that: you are one of few team leaders I enjoyed working with. you care about others and you are very encouraging, I will never forget the time I told I was going back to school and you said “that’s wonderful, go get it done, and I’m proud of you!” . As I like people who push me to do great things, I would like to do the same for you. Go get it done, be the best and keep being you! I wish you keep that same attitude, keep being very cool and hope everything works out with your new venture!

Frank’s Blog : Keep going!

It’s always hard to start a new thing, a new business, a new habit, …

It’s even harder to keep going after you start.

It’s not about giving yourself high fives when you did the thing you set out to do (even though we need to), but striving to get back  on the line when you rail into your old habits.

Frank’s Blog : Trying new things.

In the past week, I have been trying new things. And this is because of my coworkers who grew up in the US, are trying to get me to try as many things as they can.

I tried Sushi and I didn’t like it.

It’s their favorite food.

Since it’s their favorite food , we go to sushi restaurant a lot and I have to eat it because I don’t have a choice. And surprisingly the more I eat Sushi, the better it taste.

” sometimes, just because you don’t like things, it doesn’t mean you can’t try them. Especially if you’ve never tried them! “