Frank’s Blog : Don’t tell me what I did wrong.

Will the chances of you changing your habits increase if someone told you all day about every bad habit you have and reminded you of all your shortcomings?

Or if they told you all that time you did something good, that time you woke up at 3 am so you can do your morning run?

I don’t think hearing about our failures helps us change, do you?

Now what do we do in our life ? How do we talk to our spouse, or our kids? Or how do change that coworker’s bad behavior?

I think it’s not by pointing out what they did wrong but what they did right. And most likely you will get a better chance of them doing more of what you want them to do.

Frank’s Blog : Don’t add to much value!

Most of the time we find ourselves saying this : ” yeah that’s a great idea, but i think if you add this or if you do it this way, it’s going to be better.

And now the person with the idea isn’t hers anymore, it’s yours. Hence having courage and doing everything she can to take it off the ground is diminished.

I think if we said, to the person asking us about their idea :

wow that is a great idea. And I think you can put it off if you put more time and energy to it. I believe in you to be that kind of person. So go go go, I’m sure you will find flows on the way and you will correct them. Because that’s the person you are.

Frank’s Blog : Failing to give proper recognition.

Most of us fail to do so. And I have tried a new method that ensures I do. Write down on a piece of paper 10 close friends, 10 close relatives and 10 close co-worker.

Ask yourself every Monday and Thursday who on that list did you a favor and write them a thank you note or an email. Just make sure you tell them thank you.

Frank’s Blog : Goal setting.

Most people don’t hit their goals because they are not willing to stop doing what they have always done.

Hitting your goals is more about letting go of your old habits than it is about hitting them.

Frank’s Blog : Be so good that they can’t afford not to go with you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from north or south.

It doesn’t matter if you speak english or not.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Mexican or Asian.

It doesn’t matter, if you’re so good at your craft they can’t afford not to do business with you. Being great at what you do is the only way to overcome all the “isms”.

Frank’s Blog : What to do when you feel like giving up.

Successful people know that the time you feel like you can’t keep going, that this is it. You don’t have energy anymore, you don’t like what you re doing anymore because it drains energy out of you, you can’t say I love you to your wife or kids anymore; that’s when you push harder and you do it anyways. And success is really around the corner.

Frank’s Blog : Pre-martial Counseling

Me and my fiancée went to pre-martial counseling today, and it was eye opening. She had some concerns I never knew she had and I was able to look at our relationship from her perspective.

Woow it’s worth the time and the money. And I think we are going to be doing counseling at least once a year, not because there is something wrong with the relationship but because we want to get better as a couple.

Frank’s Blog : Don’t Chase Money

Money will only solve money problems.

Of course it’s nice to have money and to be able to take care of your family and help people. But we have to make sure we don’t spend most of our time looking for money.

The less important things in life cost money and the most important things in life were given to us for free ( family, friends, love, peace of mind, …)

So let’s all make sure we spend time with the most important things.

Frank’s Blog : Don’t use the word “But” again!

It lets us hide. It’s a way of getting ourselves off the hook.

I want to go to the gym but it’s raining.

I want to go to the gym and it’s raining. So I’m going anyway.


I have a business idea but I don’t have any money to start.

I have a business idea and I don’t have any money. So I’m going to start it anyway.

Try to replace “but” with “and”.

It’s a game changer.