Frank’s Blog : They don’t get it!

When you start succeeding, they don’t get it. do they? Well, they not supposed to. Because you are standing on a mountain of failures but them, they still on ground zero. So they can’t see far out as you do.

That’s why you tell them your goals and all they say is : hahah and you think you can do that? They hit you with all the reasons why you won’t make it. And when you do, they don’t have anywhere to hide so they criticize you. They starts saying you changed, like you worked that hard to stay the same. JayZ said it beautifully in his interview.

So if you hang around people with small or mediocre minds, you will have a problem getting to your goals not only because they will have a hard time understanding and cheering you on your journey, you will also have a hard time when you change, when you don’t do what you used to do.

I love this quote form Eleanor Roosevelt; Small minds discuss people, Mediocre minds discuss events and Great minds discuss events!

Frank’s Blog : What/Who are you willing to leave behind?

If you were to ask me what is the secret to success? What’s the main thing I believe will get you from where you are to where you are trying to go?

The best secret I have been able to come up with is not having goals and doing everything to reach them, it’s not knowing where you are and having a clear map or steps on how to reach to the top, it’s not having the support from others, social media, friends or family ( although the support would not hurt! The old joke is behind every successful man there is a supportive wife and a surprised mother in law!)

Most people will not get where they want to go, because they are not willing to leave people behind ( mostly their friends and family).

And some are not willing to stop doing what they have been doing. They want that certainty, they want to know what’s next, thus doing what they did yesterday because they know what’s next.

How about this quote: If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep on getting what you have been getting!

Change your life by changing the way you go at it.

What if you stopped talking to them, or hanging out with them?

What if you took a different way home ?

What if you stopped watching TV for 30 days?

What if you stopped eating out?

What if you stopped blaming people ?

Frank’s Blog : 3 Hobbies that will change your life.

I have been blessed to know Naval Ravikant through his tweets. He once tweeted something and it resonated with me and I thought it would be a great idea to share it with you. He says : you should have 3 hobbies

A hobby that makes you money ( maybe you enjoy starting businesses, or being a painter,…)

A hobby that keeps you in shape ( maybe you enjoy running, swimming, …)

A hobby that improves your intellect ( maybe it’s reading a book, listening to great podcast,…)

Frank’s Blog : Ask for help!

Simon Sinek (Great author in the leadership space) said:

If you think you can do leadership by yourself, you’re insane!

If you think you can build a company by yourself, you’re nuts!

If you think you can do this thing called life by yourself, it’s not going to work out!

I think the courage to ask for help, when the chips are down, is the only thing that will get you through.

Frank’s Blog : An Optimistic leader

Marcus Buckingham said this in his recent talk at Entreleadership event : any body who leads well is an optimist. They genuinely believe things will get better. And the problem is some leaders are pessimists, and the thing is, pessimists are right way more often than optimists are. But for goodness sake if you are a pessimist don’t lead.

Things will get hard, and people only follow you because you believe things can and will get better, that’s the only reason people follow you, and we love that about you and we want that from you.

Frank’s Blog : Follow your passion is an illusion!

Developing your passion is way more better than following your passion. Because when you try to follow your passion, you’re less likely to consider other areas of interest, and less likely to anticipate difficulties. And if you ran into obstacles, you ‘re more likely to loose interest and give up. Following your passion reflexes a fixed mindset, it assumes your interest are stable.

This applies to your everyday job: you don’t want to quit your job as soon you don’t like it,  or because something is going wrong. Passion can grow over time. Actually I will encourage you to quit on a good day!