Frank’s Blog : An other car emergency

2 weeks ago I took my car to the mechanic shop because the brake light came on and I knew my car had some brake problems before then but didn’t have the money to fix it right away.

So I called the mechanic, set up an appointment and good thing they didn’t have any time for me till couple days later. I told them I was fine with it, as long as my car gets fixed. I got there and realized I didn’t have an other car to drive while my car was in the shop. Asked the mechanic if there is anyway they can help out, he said ” nah, we can’t afford to have cars laying around waiting on people like you!”

Then I called my insurance, same thing. They said they only cover me and my car in an emergency, well or so I thought; it’s only during a car accident.

Now am wondering how are people like us supposed to get our cars fixed?

Frank’s Blog : Be aware

I keep asking myself why we do what we do! Why we live the way we live! Because I believe everyone is trying to live a better life.

Now the only thing I can think of is we are living the way we are because we are not aware of living any other way. A person earning $40,000 is only doing so because he/she is not aware of earning $400,000. Because why earn less or do less or be less if you can earn more or do more or be more ?!

Frank’s Blog : Why?!

We all at some point in our life ask this question! Most of the time it crosses us when something bad happens, like why me? Why this time?…….

But what if we all instead of asking why, why not! Because this way we can grow from whatever it is we are going through. Whether good or bad.

Why not me? Why not this time?……..

THIS, is the new way of living!

Frank’s Blog : Guys/Girls group

You got have some cheerleaders in your life.

A group of people where you sit down and talk about all the crazy, good things happening .

You got have people you share your wins with.

People you ask for/give advice

People you ask for/give encouragement

If you think you ought, then give it a try!